Saturday, 30 November 2013

#3: Achieving Status Quo

I don't update this blog enough, but to be fair, very few people ever read it - so there.  Anyway, it's nearing Christmas 2013 and things in the care sphere seem to be settling down rather nicely.  A live-in carer has been in place for nearly a year and apart from a few glitches, all is progressing well.  Despite my MIL's huge reluctance, my BIL is taken out and about by carers, although he had a fit a few months ago and still has to undergo a brain scan to determine whether he has epilepsy (personally I don't think he has but as I haven't signed the Hippocratic Oath, I doubt that my opinion holds much water...)  He's also had the assistance of an advocate - for those not in the know, they're independent of both family and social services and seeks to determine what the the disabled person really wants out of life.  Sadly this is pretty difficult as my BIL hasn't a flipping clue and seems to list such activities as disco dancing, playing football and going to Butlin's as key achievables.  I really don't think so - the last time I went to Butlin's it was bloody awful and full of drunks shouting until 2am.

My MIL hated the intervention of the last advocate and made such a huge fuss about his involvement that my BIL felt hemmed in.  The lowlight of this process was when the advocate took my BIL out to a local coffee shop and stated, rather innocently that 'Mum was a little grumpy today' which my BIL fed back causing my MIL to 'go spare' stating that 'everyone in the town must have heard that'.  Really?  Isn't vascular dementia awful?